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Researchers Successfully Steal Passwords Using Wi-Fi Signals


Just when you thought your home network was safe, researchers have proven you wrong yet again: researchers from the USA and China have shown that it is possible to accurately detect keystrokes using Wi-Fi signals from an ordinary router.


The proof was demonstrated by researchers at Michigan State University and Nanjing University in China. These researchers showed that it was theoretically possible in environments with minimal signal interference to use the disrupts in a router’s Wi-Fi signals to detect the keys someone is pressing on a laptop. Attackers can then use this data to steal passwords.


This isn’t just some theoretical concept: in the past, researchers have shown you can detect a person’s presence and movements in the room using Wi-Fi signals, or even read hand and lip movements using Wi-Fi signals: so the use of Wi-Fi signals to detect physical movement is well-established in scientific circles.


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